About Paradise Theater

Paradise Theater provides comprehensive private cinema design, engineering and project management. Dedication to the creation of excellence and beauty in the realm of private cinemas is our driving force. Paradise Theater is a full-service organization, comprised of a team including project managers and cad designers, architectural and interior designers, acoustic and electronic engineers, who share this passion. Collectively, we exist to deliver the finest, most compelling private cinema experiences in the world to each and every Paradise Theater Client.


Our dedication to performance is inherent in our engineering team and process. Paradise Theater engineering has established a set of performance criteria that surpasses all typical industry standards.  Why? Because Paradise Theater's criteria are scientifically and holistically evaluated. Sound principles of acoustics are integrated with best practices of audio/video engineering and the many other disciplines inherent in every private cinema.  The resulting experience can be objectively measured but more importantly is subjectively so good that most will forget to request the proof.  


Our passion for beauty is why Paradise Theater’s team includes architectural and interior designers.  Our team excels in collaboration with the world-class architects and interior designers we work alongside. The mission to incorporate the requirement of our performance criteria with the aesthetic vision of those we collaborate with can only be successful with a team who are driven to deliver both function and form with no compromise.  This is a higher standard and the requirement for a design to be granted the title, Paradise Theater. 

Project Management

While the maestro will create a symphony, it is the conductor that leads the orchestra to the successful finale. Just so, Paradise Theater project managers direct the many players in the considerable ensemble of talent required to complete a Paradise Theater. Not only the efforts put forth by the Paradise Team but also the work of project architects, interior designers, builders, specialty trades and more.  Paradise Theater project managers orchestrate the harmonious interaction of many talented players. 

Quality and Performance Verification

Each step and meticulous detail matters too much to leave to chance. Paradise Theater project managers and engineers have developed a comprehensive Quality and Performance Verification process to verify there are no hidden faults in any Paradise Theater. Inspections and acoustical measurements occur at critical milestones in construction. Our only acceptable result is a private cinema that meets or exceeds the Paradise Theater Performance Criteria. Our best work is always our latest. Your Paradise Theater.