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The Cinema Connoisseur continuously seeks to improve the standard of excellence found in private cinemas helping build a community of those who appreciate the fine art associated with these special rooms.

Building the Best Team

When founding Paradise Theater, my vision was to do it all. After all, I had been in the building industry, an integrator, a designer, and one of the first private cinema designers. I was one of the best and with absolute control of every detail, I would assure absolute quality for every client. My wife,…


So, How Is the Home Theater Business?

Good is the enemy of great.”  This quote by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great sums up the state of the home theater industry.  That’s why I almost titled my article “Doing well, could be better!”  To repurpose another Collins quote, That is why we have proportionally so few great home theaters, because we have a lot of…

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Romancing the Cinema

The movies change us. When we are transported, as good movies will do, to another place and time, even into another person’s life, we are beguiled and can’t think of anything else.  When we share that experience with friends and family it is even better.  What other experience can do that? It is rare. In…

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Building A Private Cinema Community

I like movie analogies. They usually involve memorable movie quotes that are central to a film’s theme or plot.  Magic moments from the art form that is all about such moments. Analogies are all about emphasizing a point. So, if I want to make a point, what better source than the movies? The art form…

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A Residential Cinema Renaissance

Renaissance can refer to many things.  European history between the 14th and 17th centuries, a reawakening of something that has been dormant or a period of new growth or activity, usually referencing a specific item or interest.  The latter is my hope for private cinema.  Either way, a renaissance is preceded by provocative events.  The 14th century renaissance,…


Planning in the Pursuit of Perfection

Johann Sebastian Bach was the master of the technique “theme and variation”.  His compositions initiating with a simple “hook” that he would repeat with subtle differences throughout a composition.  These variations maintained the listeners’ attention throughout, as Bach explored the theme and succeeded in getting his musical idea across.  Much more effective than just repeating…

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Quality Content is the ‘Fine Wine’ of Private Cinema

In 1992 Bruce Springsteen released a song titled 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On).  Who knew just how foretelling that would be?  Now, when we could all use some compelling and fulfilling diversion, we find ourselves in front of on-screen menus offering many times 57 choices and, arguably, still nothin’ on!  Not only that, there is nowhere…


Home Theater in the Spotlight

A recurring theme of my ramblings has been some version of “what can we in the private cinema industry do to attract the attention of the public?”  Oh sure, everyone knows about home theater in one form or another, but how can we get the message out about what we really offer?  Well, it seems…

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Welcome To The Private Cinema Universe – Episode 1

Who writes this stuff?  I’m not talking about this blog or even blogs in general.  I know, people with too much to say and strong opinions do that (fingers pointing at self!).  I am talking about the movies, specifically the action-adventure hero kind of movies.  Where an admirable but seemingly helpless main character finds themselves…