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A CEDIA Expo for the Cinema Connoisseur

by Sam Cavitt |

For the first time since the pandemic halted life in March 2020, I – along with about 15,000 other professionals in the home technology field – was able to gather in person for the annual CEDIA Expo from September 29 through October 1 in Dallas, Texas.

I can’t tell you how good it was to see so many familiar faces in person and not on a computer or phone screen and judging by the number of people who gathered in Texas for the in-person event, I’d suffice to say that the feeling was mutual. CEDIA is a global membership association serving the smart home technology sector through advocacy, connection, and education – and its annual Expo is one of its biggest events.

As you might imagine, much of the chatter at this year’s CEDIA Expo involved the future of home entertainment. The country and the world are open for business again. Shelter-in-place orders have been long lifted. Schools are back to in-person learning. While medical professionals may recommend masking in certain situations, it’s not mandatory any longer. So what does this all mean for home entertainment?

I discussed as much in an article I wrote for the November 2022 issue of Residential Systems. The consensus from CEDIA Expo speakers and like-minded professionals is that the brick-and-mortar movie theater is likely never going to completely go away. An afternoon or evening at the movies makes for a great time out, whether it’s date night or a family taking in an appropriate feature. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great opportunity for professionals in the home theater business. And as I note in my Residential Systems article, one way we can continue to move this business forward is by involving other key stakeholders that have previously been left out of the conversation. And now that in-person gatherings, like CEDIA Expo, are back on, there’s perhaps a no better time to start building these bridges with others in the creative community, and more importantly, our audience, the consumer. We don’t have to wait until next year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver to get started.

In the meantime, I invite you to read my article in the November 2022 issue of Residential Systems. It’s now available on the Residential Systems website or in the November 2022 digital issue if you don’t have access to a print copy. And I’d love to hear your feedback on the 2022 CEDIA Expo and some of the key takeaways you brought back with you from Dallas.

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Sam is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of Paradise Theater®, a company renowned for comprehensive luxury private cinema design, engineering, and project management. Sam focuses his efforts on sustaining Paradise Theater’s superlative standard of excellence and sharing the pleasures of fine private cinema with the industry and the world.

Sam has founded and spearheads Cinema Connoisseur®, an initiative to build a community of enthusiasts, and cinema connoisseurs, both professional and public who embrace and enhance the world of private cinema and film. Sam also publishes The Cinema Connoisseur a publication dedicated to enhancing the awareness, appreciation, and destiny of luxury private cinema.