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A Residential Cinema Renaissance

by Sam Cavitt |

Renaissance can refer to many things.  European history between the 14th and 17th centuries, a reawakening of something that has been dormant or a period of new growth or activity, usually referencing a specific item or interest.  The latter is my hope for private cinema.  Either way, a renaissance is preceded by provocative events.  The 14th century renaissance, by increased interaction between cultures, artistic and technological innovations, and a post-plague perspective.  History does repeat…

For private cinema and the movie industry, there are parallels and deviations.  For the movie industry, upheaval rules the day.  Theaters have been closed, the public is hesitant to go, the cineplex experience was already not very good and streaming (and other competing entertainment options) has taken a big bite out of the pie.  Private cinema, aka “home theater”, suffers from a bad case of mistaken identity, where in extreme cases a personal communication device serves the purpose and in most cases, the experience falls far short of even the most basic cineplex.  However, on the upside, there has never been greater potential for the best cinematic experience ever in our client’s homes.  The important similarity is that the stage is set for significant change and the opportunity exists for great improvement and resurgence of public interest. 

If we as professionals or consumers are going to experience this residential cinema renaissance (and possibly a reawakening of the romance of cinema in general!) we need to make good choices.  The linked article “A Residential Cinema Renaissance” outlines those choices and serves as an encouragement for movie lovers to embrace a truly great experience for themselves and their families and an exhortation to professionals to be modern-day influencers heralding a residential cinema renaissance through an uncompromising commitment to excellence.



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Sam is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of Paradise Theater®, a company renowned for comprehensive luxury private cinema design, engineering, and project management. Sam focuses his efforts on sustaining Paradise Theater’s superlative standard of excellence and sharing the pleasures of fine private cinema with the industry and the world.

Sam has founded and spearheads Cinema Connoisseur®, an initiative to build a community of enthusiasts, and cinema connoisseurs, both professional and public who embrace and enhance the world of private cinema and film. Sam also publishes The Cinema Connoisseur a publication dedicated to enhancing the awareness, appreciation, and destiny of luxury private cinema.