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Panel Discussion: The Importance of Sound in Movies like A Quiet Place

by Sam Cavitt |

In the Cinema Sommelier review of the inaugural issue of The Cinema Connoisseur, we feature the 2018 hit movie, A Quiet Place starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. The film is very unique in the way it uses sound, or the lack of sound, to enhance the fear factor. This film truly showcases the importance of sound in movies.

It was a great privilege to participate in the recent CE Pro Podcast with Academy Award Nominated Sound Designer, Erik AadahlDefinitive Audio CEO Sean SkelleyKaleidescape Director of Content Operations, Luke O’Brien and hosted by Jason Knott. Erik Aadahl was the Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer for A Quiet Place.

What made it so special is the synergy of kindred spirits coming together to share about what is truly important in what we do. Whether that is creating or curating the art, the environment, or the technology, we share what matters most.

Meaningful and emotionally elevating entertainment and beautiful shared experiences. Once that “fine wine” is experienced nothing less will do. I invite you all to this lively conversation and then become inspired to “share the wine!

Podcast #127: ‘A Quiet Place’ Sound Engineer Discusses Visceral Importance of Sound Quality in Movies
A Quiet Place image provided by Paramount Pictures

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