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So, How Is the Home Theater Business?

by Sam Cavitt |

Good is the enemy of great.”  This quote by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great sums up the state of the home theater industry.  That’s why I almost titled my article “Doing well, could be better!”  To repurpose another Collins quote, That is why we have proportionally so few great home theaters, because we have a lot of good enough home theaters.  Few people aspire for the great because we make it too easy to settle for good enough.

Oh, I understand.  Not every prospective client who comes our way is asking for the very best.  Even those who can afford it.  So we carry on offering the conventional wisdom of budget consciousness and competitive value as responsible business owners and service providers of home entertainment services.  Uh, did this last sentence bore you as much as it did me?

We are stumbling down a ramp of commoditization to a predetermined destiny of mediocrity! Wake up!  It does not have to be that way!  Other passion investment industries lead with luxury and reap the rewards.  These have created for themselves and their clientele a superior state and are living that dream destiny today!  It is a future entirely within our reach.  But only if we are willing to live for it.

I hope you enjoy the article, are challenged, and choose to join me in living an audaciously excellent destiny we create. 

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Sam is the founder and CEO of Paradise Theater, a company that provides comprehensive private cinema design, engineering, and project management. Sam focuses his efforts on maintaining the highest standard of excellence and sharing the pleasures of fine private cinema with the industry and the world.

Sam also spearheads Cinema Connoisseur, the name of our blog but more importantly, an initiative to build a community of enthusiasts - “cinema connoisseurs” - both professional and public to embrace and enhance the world of private cinema and film.