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Sam is the founder and CEO of Paradise Theater, a company that provides comprehensive private cinema design, engineering, and project management. Sam focuses his efforts on maintaining the highest standard of excellence and sharing the pleasures of fine private cinema with the industry and the world. Sam also spearheads Cinema Connoisseur, the name of our blog but more importantly, an initiative to build a community of enthusiasts - “cinema connoisseurs” - both professional and public to embrace and enhance the world of private cinema and film.


Seeking a Cinema Sommelier

What defines unprecedented times? Upheaval? Innovation? Adversity?Awakening? How about opportunity? All of the above is happening now. Take upheaval and adversity. In our corner of the world, the movie industry has been in a state of upheaval and the pandemic has added even more adversity. Could the answers be found through innovation and an awakening? Is the turmoil, in reality, an opportunity? Seeking Cinema Sommelier…


The Cinema Connoisseur

So, I am writing a blog.  Not my favorite term but possibly close to the word some think of when I speak (blah, blah, blah…).  I’ve never written one before.  I’ve written columns, articles, even a couple of songs (in the 70’s, don’t look, they are long gone!)  I am told this is important and…


The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Private Theater

If you can answer these questions for your prospective home theater customers, then they will have the information they need to make the right decision.

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Cineluxe: 6 Questions to Ask About a Private Cinema

Kākou is the Hawaiian value of inclusiveness. It means “all of us” and “we are in this together.” I like that because the article I am posting about, “Six Questions To Ask About A Private Cinema”, can apply to all of us.


Cineluxe: Does Watching Movies Really Matter Right Now?

Aloha friends, colleagues and fellow enthusiasts of life well lived, I recently completed and submit an article for publication but when COVID-19 struck us all so dramatically, I stopped the presses. The article, which will be published at the right time, spoke to the things we love to do at Paradise Theater and provided, hopefully,…