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Romancing the Cinema

by Sam Cavitt |

The movies change us. When we are transported, as good movies will do, to another place and time, even into another person’s life, we are beguiled and can’t think of anything else.  When we share that experience with friends and family it is even better.  What other experience can do that? It is rare.

In home theater, as in much of life these days, that type of transformative experience is all but abandoned.  Why?  Likely because it is unavailable or at least hard to come by.  Instead, our movies vie for our attention with cooking, commotion, phone calls, and the like. Just another way to consume time in a multi-tasking world. 

Maybe if stories about those private cinema owners who have discovered the joys of sharing such transformative times with loved ones were told, the value of dedicating their theater space, as well as their attention and time to the purpose of creating special moments with loved ones would be appreciated.  

There is a lot to appreciate about a great private cinema.  There is a lot to appreciate about the movies.  But the greatest benefit is shared by both.  The movies, it is said, are the art form best appreciated because of their effect on the audience.  A private cinema’s effect is in bringing that audience together.  An admirable effect indeed!

Read about Cinema Connoisseur®, a community that will share and inspire the stories that will restore the romance of the cinema, and bring it home.

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Sam is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of Paradise Theater®, a company renowned for comprehensive luxury private cinema design, engineering, and project management. Sam focuses his efforts on sustaining Paradise Theater’s superlative standard of excellence and sharing the pleasures of fine private cinema with the industry and the world.

Sam has founded and spearheads Cinema Connoisseur®, an initiative to build a community of enthusiasts, and cinema connoisseurs, both professional and public who embrace and enhance the world of private cinema and film. Sam also publishes The Cinema Connoisseur a publication dedicated to enhancing the awareness, appreciation, and destiny of luxury private cinema.